Elasticsearch breaking changesedit

This list summarizes the most important breaking changes in Elasticsearch 7.10.0. For the complete list, go to Elasticsearch breaking changes.

Authentication changesedit

API keys now require a name property.

The name property is now required to create or grant an API key.

    "...": "...",
    "api_key": {
      "name": "key-1"

To avoid errors, specify the name property when creating or granting API keys.

Indices changesedit

REST API access to system indices is deprecated.

We are deprecating REST API access to system indices. Most REST API requests that attempt to access system indices will return the following deprecation warning:

this request accesses system indices: [.system_index_name], but in a future
major version, direct access to system indices will be prevented by default

The following REST API endpoints access system indices as part of their implementation and will not return the deprecation warning:

  • GET _cluster/health
  • GET {index}/_recovery
  • GET _cluster/allocation/explain
  • GET _cluster/state
  • POST _cluster/reroute
  • GET {index}/_stats
  • GET {index}/_segments
  • GET {index}/_shard_stores
  • GET _cat/[indices,aliases,health,recovery,shards,segments]

To avoid deprecation warnings, do not use unsupported REST APIs to access system indices.

Java changesedit

The MappedFieldType#fielddataBuilder method now accepts a Supplier<SearchLookup> argument.

To support future feature development, the existing MappedFieldType#fielddataBuilder method now accepts a new Supplier<SearchLookup> argument.

If you develop or maintain a mapper plugin, update your implementation of the MappedFieldType#fielddataBuilder method to accommodate the new signature.

Machine learning changesedit

The allow_no_jobs and allow_no_datafeeds API parameters are deprecated.

The allow_no_jobs and allow_no_datafeeds parameters in machine learning APIs are deprecated in favor of allow_no_match. The old parameters are still accepted by the APIs but a deprecation warning is emitted when the old parameter name is used in the request body or as a request parameter. High-level REST client classes now send the new allow_no_match parameter.

To avoid deprecation warnings, use the allow_no_match parameter.

Mapping changesedit

The boost parameter on field mappings has been deprecated.

Index-time boosts have been deprecated since the 5.x line, but it is still possible to declare field-specific boosts in the mappings. This is now deprecated as well, and will be removed entirely in 8.0.0. Mappings containing field boosts will continue to work in 7.x but will emit a deprecation warning.

The boost setting should be removed from templates and mappings. Use boosts directly on queries instead.

Networking changesedit

The *.tcp.keep_idle and *.tcp.keep_interval settings are now limited to 300 seconds.

The {network,transport,http}.tcp.keep_idle and {network,transport,http}.tcp.keep_interval settings now have a maximum value of 300 seconds, equivalent to 5 minutes.

If specified, ensure the {network,transport,http}.tcp.keep_idle and {network,transport,http}.tcp.keep_interval settings do not exceed 300 seconds. Setting {network,transport,http}.tcp.keep_idle or {network,transport,http}.tcp.keep_interval to a value greater than 300 seconds in elasticsearch.yml will result in an error on startup.

Search changesedit

The index.max_docvalue_fields_search setting now limits doc value fields returned by inner_hits or the top_hits aggregation.

The index.max_docvalue_fields_search setting limits the number of doc value fields retrieved by a search. Previously, this setting applied only to doc value fields returned by the docvalue_fields parameter in a top-level search. The setting now also applies to doc value fields returned by an inner_hits section or top_hits aggregation.

If you use inner_hits or the top_hits aggregation, ensure index.max_docvalue_fields_search is configured correctly for your use case.

Snapshot and restore changesedit

The repository stats API has been deprecated.

The repository stats API was introduced as an experimental API in 7.8.0. The repositories metering APIs now replace the repository stats API. The repository stats API has been deprecated and will be removed in 8.0.0.

Use the repositories metering APIs. Discontinue use of the repository stats API.