Elastic Site Search

Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) alternative, built on Elasticsearch

Elastic Site Search is a hosted, ad-free alternative to CSE that provides website owners complete control over their search results through an intuitive dashboard. With Elastic Site Search, you can deliver elegant, customizable search with always-relevant results.

A search experience under your control

With CSE you can’t be sure about what’s going to show up in your search results (such as ads, maybe even from your competitors). With Elastic Site Search, you can easily craft the exact search experience you want, rather than relying on a Google algorithm and hoping for the best.

Strategic, stable, scalable, supported

A search solution shouldn’t be an afterthought or a generic default, but rather a critical component of your website experience — one that can grow with your business, is backed by a full support team, and closely aligns with your brand.

Powerful relevance, powerful customization

Elastic Site Search is backed by Elasticsearch, with relevance models optimized for real-life search. You get tolerance for typos, bigram matching (high heels = highheels), stemming (car = cars), and more, right out of the box.

14-day trial: Get started in minutes

Replace CSE with Elastic’s seamless content ingestion, rich relevancy algorithm, and intuitive admin dashboard. Get started with your 14-day free trial.