Tasty, Tasty Dogfood: How We Use the Elastic Stack at Elastic

Learn how Elastic uses the Elastic Stack throughout the company — from how and where its data stores are built to best practices for production clusters, as well as what is built on premise and when it leverages its Cloud service.

Morgan Goeller

Morgan Goeller is a Principal Solutions Architect for Elastic, focusing on real-time analytics and visualization. He has been in the tech industry for more than a decade, working with customers in Digital Marketing, Telecommunications, Energy, and Healthcare. Morgan has also been a Data Scientist and has a degree in Mathematics with an emphasis in Scientific Computation.

Tyler Langlois

Tyler Langlois is a software engineer and DevOps practitioner striving to build more scalable, reliable systems. His experience ranges from designing large-scale datacenter virtualization schemes to leading OSS projects and everything in between. When not tinkering with servers and software at work, he's usually tinkering with servers and software at home (and has lost count of how many Rasperry Pis he owns).