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4 mai 2017
Elastic ajoute machine learning à la Suite Elastic

Elastic, l'entreprise à l'origine d'Elasticsearch et de la Suite Elastic, la collection de produits open source la plus utilisée au monde pour la recherche, le logging et l'analyse de données, annonce le lancement des premières fonctionnalités de machine learning dans sa version 5.4. Basées sur la récente acquisition de Prelert, ces nouvelles fonctionnalités répondent à la demande croissante des clients de pouvoir utiliser la technologie de machine learning sans recourir à des experts en interne ou à des développements complexes. Les nouvelles fonctionnalités de machine learning sont faciles à déployer et s'adaptent à n'importe quel type de données temporelles. Elle permet d'identifier automatiquement les anomalies, de rationaliser l'analyse des causes et de réduire le nombre de faux positifs au sein d'applications en temps réel. Les entreprises qui souhaitent déceler les problèmes d'infrastructure, les cyber-attaques ou les problèmes métier en temps réel tireront rapidement parti de cette technologie.

24 avril 2017
Elastic and Megazone Partner to Bring Elastic Cloud on AWS to the Korean Market

Elastic, the company behind the open source Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash), X-Pack, and Elastic Cloud, (Chief Revenue Officer, Aaron Katz) and a Korean cloud-specialized IT company, 'Megazone Corporation' (CSO, Max Lee), announced a strategic partnership running on Elastic Cloud with the Korean market as its starting point.

7 mars 2017
Elastic Announces Honorees of Inaugural Elastic Cause Awards

Elastic today announced honorees of its inaugural Elastic Cause Awards at the Elastic{ON}17 opening keynote address. A celebration of the passion and devotion of the Elastic community, the Cause Awards recognize three projects that use the Elastic Stack to advance the greater good. Honorees include eHealth Africa for their Ebola-focused call center and health monitoring application; IST Research for fighting sex trafficking and slave trade, and supporting humanitarian efforts with technology; and for reducing school violence with a National School Security Database.

7 mars 2017
Elastic Reaches 100 Million Downloads for the Elastic Stack

Elastic, the company behind the open source Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, and Beats), X-Pack commercial extensions, and Elastic Cloud, announced that it has crossed the 100 million download mark and unveiled an array of new products. Up from 50 million downloads a year ago and 20 million the year before that, this milestone establishes Elastic as one of the most successful open source enterprise software providers. Elastic products solve and are embedded in mission-critical use cases such as application search, logging, security analytics, metrics analysis, operational analytics, as well as being used to build real-time, scalable data applications.

9 février 2017
Booz Allen Hamilton and Elastic Partner to Accelerate Real-Time Search, Logging, Analytics and Security Initiatives

Organizations generate enormous amounts of data everyday—from logs tracking website visitors to orders placed to cyberattack attempts. These records, frequently scattered across silos, are not always easily accessible so organizations are working hard to improve their ability to manage, search and analyze their data in real-time. To help achieve this goal, management and technology consulting and engineering firm Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE:BAH) and Elastic, creators of the open source software Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash) and X-Pack commercial extensions, today announced a partnership that will enable organizations to shift more quickly to open, flexible and cloud-based technologies that support massive data volumes, to allow for data diversity and to accelerate access to real-time insights.