The New Security Imperative for CIOs: Bringing IT Operations and Security Together With DevSecOps

CIOs are driving a shift to DevSecOps, and new research points to the trend accelerating. In the past, application security tools were primarily relegated to security teams. Fast forward, and now IT decision-makers are increasingly allocating application security tools to developers. By advocating for the shared responsibility of cybersecurity, to the mutual benefit of developers, security teams and the business at large, CIOs are enabling their IT organizations to protect while they observe.

Analysis from 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, highlights how CIOs can champion DevSecOps, including by:

  • Setting the tone at the top
  • Proving the value of observability to security and DevOps teams alike
  • Breaking down silos between people and tools

Learn more in the Business Impact Brief.

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