Enriched Network Performance Management for Telcos

Communication Service Providers have been at the forefront of innovation ever since the days of Bell Labs, which was the heartbeat of AT&T. In fact, inventions spanning from transistors to information theory to the digital hearing aid have come from CSPs. Today, we have a new generation of executives focused on massive growth opportunities around digital innovation with 5G and full fiber.

With the arrival of 5G, Service Providers face a significant change in the underlying technology as it has never been before. New technologies and standards bring new capabilities and increased complexities, which bring other challenges to telecommunication providers. The communication infrastructure needs to be 100% reliable and at ever-increasing speeds because of mission-critical applications.

To be at the forefront in this new era, operators need to be uniquely positioned to take advantage of data at scale in real-time. Discover how to leverage and analyze significant amounts of data from a single and reliable platform to get information about the network’s health state at all times and valuable business insights.

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