Question Answering vs. Search at Night Shift Development, Inc

When people hear Elasticsearch, there is a natural inclination to think only about search. But Elasticsearch is not just about search. At its core, it’s designed to help users converse with their data and tell stories with it. Every query a user writes originates from a business question. In this session, you’ll learn some powerful ways to use Elasticsearch for question answering and hear how ClearQuery can be used to expose intelligence and actionable insights.

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Tim Tutt

CEO & Cofounder, Night Shift Development, Inc

Tim Tutt is the CEO & Cofounder of Night Shift Development, Inc. and has over a decade of software engineering experience specifically developing and deploying large scale search and discovery and data analytics solutions in support of a wide variety of customers in both the public and private sectors.

Mr. Tutt has experience in deploying and supporting production applications and building ad-hoc applications and analytics in support of various customer use cases. He is a proven technical leader and experienced technologist with the ability to quickly derive value in unique ways by thinking outside of the box to deliver solutions.