Optimizing Elastic for Search at McQueen Solutions

Learn best practices for squeezing every last drop of performance out of Elasticsearch queries and aggregations -- all based off of real-world production clusters. From small clusters to hundred-node clusters, learn which knobs and dials to consider when optimizing for search. You’ll get insight into indexing and sharding strategies, index and mapping settings, query and aggregation types as well as basic profiling, and benchmark methodologies and knowing when to scale up.

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Jared McQueen

Principal Systems Engineer, McQueen Solutions

Jared is a Systems Engineer and Data Scientist supporting Federal customers within the IC and DOD. His team deploys large-scale Elastic clusters to support mission needs in the fields of Cyber Security, Enterprise Audit, and devOps. His experience in Machine Learning and neural networks plays a pivotal role in identifying anomalous activity and outliers within large datasets. Other interests include quantitative finance (algotrading) and Artificial Intelligence.