Elastic @ E*Trade

The Elastic Stack has been integral to the growth of E*Trade’s real-time operational intelligence pipeline. Hear their journey to adopting Elastic machine learning features and see firsthand how they’re using them to identify anomalies using full-text aggregations and performance data.

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Jeff Vestal

Jeff Vestal is Sr. Systems Engineer at E*Trade working in the Real-Time Data Pipeline group. He led the initiative to setup elastic’s Machine Learning and created an elastic slackbot integration.

Over ten years ago he started working with individual prop traders and market makers then moving to commercial online brokerages where the focus is bringing the best trading experience to hundreds of thousands of customers. Throughout, he has worked to ensure all types of data, financial transaction, performance metrics, and logs, get to their destination on-time while creating robust monitoring and alerting to allow for quick notification, response, and resolution when incidents occur.