How Elasticsearch is SPARKing Our Geospatial Analysis: An Esri Story

Explore how Esri applies geospatial analytics on high-velocity streaming (data-in-motion) and high-volume batch (data-at-rest) using Elasticsearch and Apache Spark. Also watch demonstrations that were performed throughout the presentation to cement these concepts for the attendees.

Adam Mollenkompf

Adam Mollenkopf is responsible for the strategic direction Esri takes towards enabling real-time GIS capabilities in the ArcGIS platform. This includes having the ability to ingest real-time data streams from a wide variety of sources, performing continuous processing and analysis on real-time data as it is received, and disseminating analytic results to communities of interest. He leads a team of experienced individuals in the area of geospatial and temporal stream processing. Prior to joining Esri, Adam worked as a Strategic Technologist at FedEx implementing a variety of critical real-time tracking systems.