Kubernetes, Docker, and Containers at Elastic: Monitoring, Logging, and More

Tasks such as log collection and metrics aggregation can be daunting within Kubernetes and Docker deployments. Fortunately, the Elastic Stack provides effective methods to collect and store a wide variety of operational data to simplify these and similar problems.

Learn how leveraging the latest features in Beats (including “add metadata” processors, modules, and new autodiscovery features), Elasticsearch, and Kibana can make managing containerized, scheduled, and otherwise automated environments a great experience.

Carlos Pérez-Aradros

Carlos is a Software Engineer at Elastic, working on Beats. With love for distributed systems, he has experience in many container technologies and focuses on bringing the right tools to monitor them. When he is not coding you may find him playing with home automation and all kinds of gadgets.

Tyler Langlois

Tyler Langlois is a software engineer and DevOps practitioner striving to build more scalable, reliable systems. His experience ranges from designing large-scale datacenter virtualization schemes to leading OSS projects and everything in between. When not tinkering with servers and software at work, he's usually tinkering with servers and software at home (and has lost count of how many Rasperry Pis he owns).