A Security Analytics Platform for Today

Thinking about building an end-to-end security analytics platform with the Elastic Stack? This talk explores how to do it with a homegrown solution that’s fast and scalable so you can increase team impact by having more data faster and gaining back time for threat hunting versus responding to alerts.

Samir Bennacer

Support Engineer at Elastic, Technology passionate, with several years of experience working with SIEM solutions and big data technologies.

Kevin Keeney

Kevin is a passionate evangelist for cyber security, technology, and people. After completing an active duty with the U.S. Army in 2000, he moved to Missouri where he now lives with his wife, Allyse, and their five children. Kevin spent most of his career serving his community through various military, civil, nonprofit, and corporate initiatives. He has volunteered with the Missouri National Guard for the past 16 years and currently serves as the chief of operations for MOCYBER. Kevin earned many prestigious awards and honors for his dedicated service and ability to develop and lead professional teams, particularly in cyber security. Kevin's most recent notable achievement was being invited by the U.S. Senate's Homeland Security Committee to testify on Cyber Threats Facing America in May of 2017.

Kevin's corporate sector career has been focused on information technology and security, holding positions as cyber evangelist, director of cyber incident response, technical architect, datacenter manager, security analyst, and senior systems administrator. In each role, Kevin's ambition, knowledge, and ability to lead has proven time and again to bring great value to the success of each company.

Kevin is known as a motivated change agent with an entrepreneurial spirit. He has been involved with several startups since leaving his full-time military service. Most recently, he founded Perched, a support team that creates education, custom development, and enterprise support for the RockNSM and the CAPESstack. Kevin presently works as a Cyber Security Advocate for Elastic, the company that developed the open source Elastic Stack with over 150 million cumulative downloads (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash), X-Pack (commercial features) and Elastic Cloud (a hosted offering).

Kevin looks forward to sharing his insights on incident response, cyber security, leadership, and team development with you.