Why Contain Yourself? Official Elastic Stack for Docker

With the 5.X release of the Elastic Stack comes official support for the Docker container platform. The Elastic Docker team will discuss running the Elastic Stack in container environments using the official images they maintain and publish. Dimitrios and Toby will cover configuration techniques for the images and share tips on performance optimization, show how Elasticsearch's distributed nature aligns with container orchestration, and discuss the quality automation that ensures the Elastic Stack is always Docker-ready, whether on a laptop or across a fleet.

Dimitrios Liappis

Dimitrios Liappis is an Infrastructure Engineer at Elastic. He holds B.S. in Computer Science and M.S. in Computer Networks, still remembers Linux in the v1.2 days, and enjoys learning new ways to automate all things infra. Before joining Elastic, he held various roles in Managed Services and Telecoms.

Toby McLaughlin

Toby is a quality obsessed, automation-only system engineer who focuses on test-driven infrastructure. Joining Elastic from the world of public cloud, he works on internal and external infrastructure projects, with emphasis on test automation and the Docker ecosystem.