The Usual Suspects: Automatic Alerts to Monitor your Cluster

When monitoring met alerting, the average time spent to troubleshoot went down and the average sleep time went up. True story.

X-Pack, which made its first debut with the 5.0 release of the Elastic Stack, brings monitoring and alerting features together to enable built-in cluster alerts. Chris and Bohyun will go over the latest in monitoring and management in the first portion of the talk, then Antonio will talk about how to solve real-world problems using monitoring data based on customer scenarios he's helped with as part of the Elastic support team.

Antonio Bonuccelli

Antonio joined the Elastic cluster back in 2014, as one of the first support engineers based in EMEA. He has 10 years background spanning across software development, consultancy, technical support, with a focus on SIEM and search. He looks after customer success guiding users through their Elastic journey.

Chris Earle

Chris Earle is a Software Engineer based outside of Washington DC, helping to improve Monitoring for all products. Before joining Elastic, he was at Boeing and Grove Software developing software and pushing API design. Chris is a regular participant on StackOverflow and the Elastic online community.

Bohyun Kim

Bohyun Kim is a Senior Product Manager at Elastic. Prior to joining Elastic, she was a product manager at Tamr and a team lead at HPE Vertica where she focused on resource management, monitoring and alerting of Vertica Analytic database. Successful Elastic users make her day, and every day.