On-demand webinar

Streamlining Healthcare and Research: The Story of Elasticsearch at UCLA Health


Hosted by

Vivek Katakwar

Analytics Application Developer

UCLA Health

Shehzad Sheikh

Manager, Analytics Solutions

UCLA Health

Paul Tung

Solutions Architect

UCLA Health


As today's healthcare institutions generate more data as a result of the modernization of health record systems, they need a way to search through electronic health records (EHR) and find meaningful insights. UCLA Health has chosen Elasticsearch as its tool of choice to index, search, and produce more thorough, actionable results for clinicians and researchers.

Vivek, Shehzad, and Paul will share how they created a tool using AngularJS, HTML5, Microsoft .NET and NEST libraries with Elasticsearch to index and search through pathology cases, including clinical notes, lab results, and text, in order to retrieve historic patient cases to help with the diagnosis of difficult-to-diagnose cases.