On Distributed Systems and Distributed Teams

A wall clock that ran backward and a skull and crossbones flag. Fictional parliamentary systems of ancient civilizations. @all threads that run into the several hundred replies. All are interesting stories and illustrate concepts that make Elastic...elastic?

The distributed systems movement, and open source more broadly, is fueled by solving a series of complex problems: consensus, leader election, failure semantics, among others. Our reasoning about distributed concepts influences system design and implementation. Our understanding impacts that which we build...particularly when we build distributed companies. How does a distributed team building distributed systems, at Elastic, function?

Tyler Hannan

Tyler Hannan is Director of Product & Technical Marketing for Elastic. With a career that has spanned the private and public sector, large enterprises, consulting, and startups of varying success, he has maintained a focus on distributed systems, data persistence, and analysis. He finds talking about himself in the third person incredibly uncomfortable.