Cisco's Journey to Cloud Native

Cisco's Commerce Platform, a suite of 35 applications and 300+ services, powers product configuration, pricing, quoting, export compliance, credit checks, and order booking across all Cisco product lines. With a high average financial value of each transaction, the Platform is a critical part of Cisco's business.

In order to improve customer experience and business agility, Cisco decided to transition the Platform to cloud-native technologies, starting with modernizing the underlying database layer. In this session, Dharmesh will share details around how they've implemented a 180+ node Elasticsearch deployment to query reference data, and are now experiencing significant resiliency advantages and zero downtime deployment and performance.

Dharmesh Panchmatia

Dharmesh Panchmatia is Director at Cisco Systems responsible for architecture and engineering of eCommerce Platform. Dharmesh has over two decades of industry experience and has worked for HP and NEC prior to Cisco. He has played a key role in transforming a struggling eCommerce (CPQO: Configure, Price, Quote & Order) platform to make it one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the industry today. His current focus area is to transition the platform to cloud native technologies to improve performance and system availability. He holds a B. Tech. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai and an M.S. in Computer Engineering from Clemson University, U.S.A.