What's Brewing in Beats

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Elastic's Monica Sarbu and Tudor Golubenco present the latest and greatest news about Beats at Elastic{ON}16 on February 17, 2016, in San Francisco.

Monica Sarbu

Monica Sarbu is a Beats Team lead with Elastic. Monica is the co-creator of Beats. Prior to creating Beats, she worked as a core developer for IPTEGO, a startup from Berlin offering a complete monitoring and troubleshooting solution for VoIP networks. The product was sold worldwide and it is currently used by big players in the Telecom space.

Tudor Golubenco

Tudor Golubenco is the co-creator of Beats. Prior to creating Beats, he was CTO of IPTEGO, a company building monitoring software for the telecom industry. As IPTEGO was acquired, he also served as software architect and senior manager in Acme Packet and then Oracle. He enjoys writing code in Go, C, Python, JavaScript, and others.