'Users: WE KNOW THEM' – The ELF @ Salesforce

Salesforce built a plugin to the Elastic Stack – called ELF – that enables the collection of Salesforce log data. Come learn how it allows businesses to easily report on user activity in Salesforce and gain insights into organizational usage trends and user behavior.

Adam Torman

Adam has worked at Salesforce for the past 10 years, both in professional services and as a platform product manager. In that time, among other achievements, he introduced a new way of layering user access controls called Permission Sets and built a product called Event Monitoring that easily integrates low level server application logs with a customer's SIEM or business intelligence reporting tools. On his blog, http://www.salesforcehacker.com, Adam provides tips and tricks for building security into every customer organization.

Abhishek Bangalore Sreenivasa

Abhishek Sreenivasa is a software developer at Salesforce. He works on Platform Monitoring team that develops self-service Event Monitoring feature. Events from this feature are used by Salesforce customers for security audits and measuring application performance and feature adoption.