Fighting Human Trafficking, Fraud, & More: Elastic @ Giant Oak

Learn how Giant Oak and its partners use Elastic to help power work combating human trafficking, financial fraud, abuse of prescription drugs, and the trade in endangered species.

Dr. Sherry Forbes

Chief Scientist and VP of R&D, Stormfish

Dr. Sherry Forbes is Chief Scientist and VP of R&D at Stormfish Scientific. She is an expert in large-scale computational modelling, high-performance computing, econometrics and numerical methods; and some of her most recent research and development efforts include projects for DARPA and the Army Research Lab. She holds a PhD from the University of Virginia, an MA from the University of Chicago, an MPhil from the University of Oxford, and a BA from Sweet Briar College.

Peter Landwehr

Peter Landwehr joined Giant Oak in 2014 and is responsible for combining data from a number of sources to design and implement tools for solving urgent problems. He does a large amount of data analysis and a moderate amount of algorithm design and software engineering. Wile many programming languages are great, he considers Python to be his current best friend.