Release Notes

Backward Compatibility Breaks

  • The shipper output field is renamed to
  • Use of enabled as a configuration option for outputs (elasticsearch, logstash, etc.) has been removed. #264
  • Use of disabled as a configuration option for tls has been removed. #264
  • The -test command line flag was renamed to -configtest#264
  • Disable geoip by default. To enable it uncomment in config file. #305


  • Disable logging to stderr after configuration phase. #276
  • Set the default file logging path when not set in config. #275
  • Fix bug silently dropping records based on current window size. #226
  • Fix direction field in published events. #300
  • Fix elasticsearch structured errors breaking error handling. #309
  • Fix leak of Windows handles. #98
  • Fix memory leak of process information. #104


  • Added beat.hostname to contain the hostname where the Beat is running on as returned by the operating system. #285
  • Added timestamp for file logging. #291
  • Export mem.actual_used_p and swap.actual_used_p #93
  • Configure what type of statistics to be exported #99