Release Notes


  • Added MongoDB support. With this release, only MongoDB versions newer than 2.6 are supported. #144
  • Added support for connecting to multiple Elasticsearch nodes from the Elasticsearch output. This also implements a retrying strategy making the system cope better with transient network issues. #18
  • Be robust against packet loss within large responses for some of the protocols (HTTP, MySQL, PgSQL and Thrift-RPC). #169
  • The default capture length is now set by default to 65535 bytes. #155
  • The topology code now uses units for the durations, which fixes an issue when using Packetbeat with Elasticsearch 2.0. #17
  • Export bytes_in and bytes_out fields for all supported protocols. #167

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed support for MySQL responses larger than 100kb. #140
  • Fixed a busy loop condition in the MySQL parser. #168
  • Fixed the status code on configuration check from the CLI. #178


  • Added documentation about how to secure the connection with Elasticsearch #175