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Measure, monitor, and optimize frontend performance with Elastic Observability

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Drew Post
Drew Post

Principal Product Manager, Observability



Is your site up? Are visitors bouncing due to load times? How is your latest code push impacting the user experience? Can you proactively catch issues in critical website transaction paths through simulated tests? Industry stats tell us that 80% of what users perceive as slow load times is impacted by client-side factors like device, browser, etc.

Join this webinar to learn how you can measure, test, monitor, and optimize the end user experience using two exciting new capabilities in Elastic Observability 7.10 — user experience monitoring and browser-based synthetics.


  • Discuss how user experience impacts user behaviour
  • Understand Core Web Vitals and why they are a critical quality KPI
  • Pinpoint performance hotspots and prioritize optimization projects using drill down features in the User Experience app
  • Create and run multi-step synthetic tests

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