We’ve built a place where you can be you

A diverse Elastic makes for a better Elastic. So bring your unique perspective and be part of an organization that celebrates YOU. We want you to come as you are, learn from other Elasticians, and grow with us.

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Come as YOU are

We all come in different shapes with different interests and skills. We all have an accent. Celebrate it. Just come as you are.

  • Diversity

    Diversity is defined as the presence of variety, or differences, within a group. At Elastic, we are strengthened by the differences that define us. We celebrate the limitless dimensions inherent to our Elasticians, and aspire to build a team with a wide breadth and depth of diversity that reflects the diversity of our customers and communities around the globe.

  • Equity

    Equity recognizes that the same thing for everyone (equality) doesn’t truly address needs, and therefore, specific solutions and remedies — which may be different for different people — are necessary.* Equity is the lens through which we approach our policies and practices to ensure we create the best environment and results for everyone.

    *Source: Anti-Defamation League

  • Inclusion

    Come as you are, because you are welcome here. We are cultivating an environment at Elastic where every Elastician feels like they belong. By treating all Elasticians fairly and respectfully, and providing robust access to opportunities and resources, we are empowering our teams to contribute fully to our collective success.



"When I first came to Elastic, everyone was so open to who I was. I kept asking myself if everyone was being real, if their attitude towards me wasn't a facade. But over time I saw the consistency of the culture and a dedication towards maintaining our core values. You don't need masks to fit in, and that's true diversity. My teammates and my managers, they want me to be my authentic self. Be who you are. Don't try to fit in. I don't have to be tight, everyday, holding back who I am. That's important. I want to remind Black people that you don't have to be quiet. We can embrace Black culture in the workplace."

Tanisha TurnerSenior QA Engineer - Elastic Security

What’s an ERG?

Employee resource groups, or as we like to call them, Elastician resource groups, have been part of Elastic’s culture since 2016. They started as Slack channels and were formalized in 2021 to ensure that the members would have structure, budget, and ultimately, a voice based on any dimension of diversity, identity, allyship, and advocacy.

ERGs provide support to our Elasticians and also inform our leadership on initiatives that ultimately drive business outcomes.

ERGs let you come as YOU are

Learn more about our Elastician Resource Groups and how they help create a positive company culture.

  • The Accessibles


  • Blasticians

    Black and African American

  • ElastAsians

    Asian and Pacific Islander+

  • Elasticans Unidos


  • Rainbow Stack


  • Mil-Asticians


  • Women of Elastic