Elastic Consulting

Cloud migration services

Lower your total cost of ownership and save time with our experts. They will help develop and execute your migration strategy to help you seamlessly move your data to Elastic Cloud.

Get help from the experts

Elastic provides three service offerings to help you safely and securely migrate your data. These offerings provide snapshot-and-restore migration.

For complex cases with tons of data, we also offer an additional custom option.

  • Basic

    • 1 Solution
    • 2 - 8 Nodes
    • 0 - 56TB
  • "en": "Multi cloud", 
"cn": "多云", 
"de": "Multi-Cloud", 
"es": "Varias nubes", 
"fr": "Multicloud", 
"jp": "マルチクラウド", 
"kr": "멀티 클라우드", 
"pt": "Multinuvem"


    • 2 Solution
    • 9 - 20 Nodes
    • 57 - 160TB
  • Multi-Solution

    • 3+ Solution
    • 21 - 60 Nodes
    • 161 - 540TB


Custom migration

Is your migration complex? Do you have a need for custom plugins? Does your data exceed 541TB? Elastic has you covered.

  • Elastic Cloud Enterprise
  • Customer plugins
  • Cross-cluster search and replication
  • 541TB+