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Boost services

Boost provides a scalable, consistent, and proven experience for your Elastic Cloud deployment. Our experts work with you to understand your objectives, challenges, and quick-win activities to address your needs and jump-start your success with Elastic.

Elastic Cloud customers

Accelerate your success

Boost services are designed for scale and provide common activities to help you get the most value from your Elastic Cloud deployment. We offer a variety of economical services to accelerate your adoption of Elastic. Below is an example of, but not limited to, some of those common activities.

  • New use case launch

    Accelerate the development of your architecture and implement a new environment with best practices aligned to your business requirements

  • Elastic Upgrade services

    Unlock all the latest features by planning, strategizing, testing, and upgrading legacy deployments (v5.x+) to the current version

  • Platform Expansion

    Plan for the road ahead by expanding your environment to meet your data volume, growth needs, business requirements, and other critical factors

  • Platform optimizer

    Scale your workloads and maintain optimal performance by evaluating your architecture, capacity planning, data modeling and more

  • Healthcheck

    Keep your clusters green by assessing the architecture, configuration, and diagnostics of your Elastic Cloud environment