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  • Accenture

    Powering the search for the best client service
  • Sprint

    Analyzing 200 dashboards to search for better retail operations insight
  • Blizzard

    Generating actionable value from game play data and server events

    Supporting e-commerce search for 60+ countries in 21+ languages
  • eBay

    Searching across 800 million listings in subseconds
  • Warner Brothers

    Solving entertainment, media, and digital content problems at scale
  • Verizon Wireless

    Reducing MTTR 10x, while cutting costs and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Symantec

    Sucesssfully switched from Solr to Elasticsearch with Elastic Support
  • USAA

    Securing USAA's entire internal network and application portfolio
  • Netflix

    Ensuring message delivery and operational excellence
  • Facebook

    Delivering a better help experience for over a billion users

    Powering the Search for Interplanetary Discovery
  • Walmart

    Gaining insights into customer purchasing patterns & store performance metrics
  • Workday

    Building a metrics processing pipeline to identify usage patterns
  • Slack

    Building a defensive security program to monitor malicious activity
  • BBC

    Unlocking yesterday's content for the future of media search

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