Get actionable insights with the free and open Elastic Stack

Instantly transform your data into insights with the power of the Elastic Stack. Ingest and store data from any source, in any format, to get started today.

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Free and open Elastic Stack features

Solve your most critical business problems with the Elastic Stack, which can perform search, analysis, and visualizations in milliseconds (or less).

  • Kibana Lens

    Meet Kibana Lens, a simple and intuitive way to visualize your data inside of Kibana. Learn how Lens can help both experienced and new users.

  • Runtime fields

    Runtime fields make it easy to harness both the performance and scale of schema on write and the flexibility of schema on read.

  • Data lifecycle management

    From index lifecycle management (ILM) to data tiers, the Elastic Stack provides what you need to manage your data.

Ready to dive in?

Learn more about the Elastic Stack and our free and open model. Experience it yourself and turn data into actionable insights.

  • Meet the core products

    That’s Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash (also known as the ELK Stack). The Elastic Stack is the ELK Stack, but with more flexibility to do great things.

  • Why free and open?

    Learn more about Elastic’s commitment to innovating the best possible solutions for enterprise search, observability, and security.