Eliminate blind spots to protect against ransomware

According to a recent survey, the biggest gap in government cybersecurity is visibility. Elastic Security empowers state and local governments as well as education security teams to eliminate blind spots and prevent, detect, and respond to threats at scale. Read the full report and find out how you can better protect against ransomware attacks.

How can Elastic help eliminate security blind spots?

Elastic empowers small teams with limited resources to search across large amounts of data quickly and at scale, providing full visibility and fast insights into how to best protect the citizens and students they serve.

  • State and local government security roundtable insights

    Thought leaders from state and local government met to discuss the challenges they’re facing and how their teams will address cybersecurity gaps.

  • The Elastic Guide to Threat Hunting

    Empower your security teams with the skills and procedures they need to hunt threats effectively.
  • Threat hunting for visibility

    Explore best practices for gaining security insights from various data sources.
  • Gain full security visibility with Elastic

    Learn why the Elastic Stack is advantageous for your security program.

  • Security in Government

    Protect enterprises from ransomware

    Learn how Elastic Security combats ransomware: cyber criminals’ weapon of choice.

  • Customer Spotlight


    Learn how the Big Ten gains high-speed threat detection by using the Elastic Stack.

Strengthen security and improve responsiveness

See simple ways agencies can improve the citizen engagement experience and make online work environments safer without busting the budget.


Product Spotlight

How Elastic delivers

From monitoring and securing sensitive systems to powering search across public records, state and local governments, and educational organizations are using Elastic to protect against cybersecurity threats, keep critical systems up and running, and deliver better citizen engagement experiences.

  • State and local

    Protect your state and local government against ransomware.

  • Education

    Protect your educational institution against security threats.

Unified protection built on the Elastic (ELK) Stack

Elastic Security equips analysts to prevent, detect, and respond to threats. The free and open solution delivers SIEM, endpoint security, threat hunting, cloud monitoring, and more.

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Available to analysts everywhere

Elastic Security integrates the free and open Elastic SIEM with endpoint security to prevent, detect, and respond to threats.


Scale with an Elastic subscription

The Elastic Stack is free and open software that allows users to get started immediately. Developers and analysts can download the software or launch it from a supported cloud marketplace and immediately begin to determine its suitability for the mission.

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Go deeper with Elastic Security

Prevent, detect, and respond to threats with SIEM plus endpoint security to serve and protect your citizens and students.

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    Elastic Security

    Prevent, detect, and respond to threats with Elastic Security.

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    Simple, fast, secure cloud

    Elastic Cloud is FedRAMP authorized and available on AWS GovCloud. Get started in minutes with a free 30-day trial.