Ze Bell Has Rung: Thank You Users, Customers, and Partners


Today we begin our journey as a public company. I am proud to announce that Elastic is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker "ESTC."

When I first released Elasticsearch on 8 February, 2010, I had a vision that search was more than just a search box on a website. At that time, companies were beginning to store more data, both structured and unstructured, and from many different data sources such as databases, websites, applications, and mobile and connected devices. In my view, search would provide users with a new type of interaction with their data, including, speed, the ability to get results in real time; scale, the ability to query petabytes of data in milliseconds; and relevance, the ability to get accurate and actionable information, insights, and answers from the data.

I'm proud of what we've built at Elastic in six years. With more than 350 million product downloads, a meetup community of more than 100,000 developers, and more than 5,500 customers, it's been humbling to see how search can be applied to such a wide variety of use cases. For example, when you use Uber, Instacart, and Tinder, it's Elastic that pairs a rider with a nearby driver, provides relevant results and recommendations for an online shopper, or matches people they might like — and who might like them back. On the other hand, within traditional IT, Operations, and Security departments, at organizations like Cisco, Sprint, and Indiana University, Elastic is used to aggregate pricing, quoting, and commerce data, to process billions of log events a day to monitor website performance and network outages, and to power cybersecurity operations across thousands of devices and critical data. While each of these use cases is different, it's all search.

As a public company, we will continue doing the things that have made us Elastic. We will keep investing in our developer communities around the world, it's in our DNA. We will continue building new features and solutions for the Elastic Stack. We will always allow users and their organizations to deploy our products wherever it suits them best — on-premises, in a public cloud, or using our Elastic Cloud. And finally, we will forever live by our Source Code, hiring great people who are humble, yet motivated and balanced to help our users, customers, and partners be successful.

Thank you to everyone for making today possible.