Welcome Drew & Rashid

I'd like to warmly welcome both Drew Raines (@drewr) and Rashid Khan (@rashidkpc) to elasticsearch.

Drew has been a long time elasticsearch user, and helped develop, manage and operate very large elasticsearch installations. Drew joined us to help sprinkle a bit more devops qualities to our team, as well as help improve our story in the devops land. His passion for clojure will also have an impact (or already is!).

Rashid needs no introduction if you are using logstash. He is the guy behind kibana, the beautiful interface built for logstash (or logstash “structured" log data). We love the work Rashid has done on Kibana, and obviously are excited about his knowledge of elasticsearch. Rashid will continue and develop Kibana full time with us, as well as dabbling more into our operational and management infrastructure.