Microsoft Azure Marketplace: Elasticsearch, Kibana, and More Now Available

Over the past few years, we’ve had a wonderful relationship with Microsoft.

Earlier this year at our user conference — Elastic{ON} — we had the privilege of having Pablo Castro, an early .NET, Azure, and SQL Server engineer, present the many different use cases of Elastic’s technology at Microsoft during his keynote. It included powering search for, one of the Internet’s biggest web portals; using Elasticsearch within the Dynamics CRM product line for enhancing the user experience; and as the search framework within Azure.

With a shared goal to make it as easy as possible to deploy our technologies, today, I’m really excited to announce that we’ve worked with Microsoft to make the Elastic stack available on the Azure Marketplace. As more and more developers build and deploy apps on Azure, using an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Solution template created by Elastic, developers can easily set up an Elasticsearch cluster directly, thus simplifying their deployment. In addition, we’ve made it possible to deploy all of our open source products, such as, Kibana, Logstash and Beats. And for those who want support and our commercial plugins Shield (security & authentication), Watcher (alerting), and Marvel (monitoring), an Elastic subscription is now available for any Azure-based deployments. Most importantly, this ensures that developers using Azure have a full and native Elasticsearch experience.

In addition to creating the ARM template and the Marketplace listing with Microsoft, I’m also thrilled that our teams have been able to work closely on some open source innovation. One example is enabling Elasticsearch to run more efficiently on shared storage solutions like Azure File Storage that will benefit both Elastic and Microsoft users with lower costs.

Thank you Microsoft, and to our users, please let us know your experience.