Logstash Lines: Support for JRuby 9.2

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Logstash support of JRuby 9.2: Update

On the road to support Java 11, Logstash must be able to run on the latest JRuby release. In the past we were prevented from upgrading from JRuby due to some issues, but has been stable enough that efforts have resumed. The JRuby 9.2 ci branch is mostly green now after Ry's work on getting newer Bundler versions to work correctly with Logstash.

Two manual Jenkins jobs for release management

Our Logstash CI, now has two jobs to facilitate the manual tasks required for releases. One creates a pull request with a draft for release notes: it was used as the starting point for the 6.6.0 release notes.

The other job allows the team to update the logstash plugin versions for an upcoming release, respecting major/minor or patch constraints. The result is also a pull request with a modified gem lockfile.

All changes

Repository: elastic/Logstash

  • [Doc] Fix broken link in filebeat module #10286
  • Release notes draft for 6.5.5 #10284
  • Add missing ruby shebang to release tools #10283
  • Bump http filter to 1.0.0 #10281 (6.6 branch)
  • Update lock file for 6.6 #10278
  • Properly set thread name in thread context #10269
  • JRuby 9.2 bundler shenanigans #10266
  • Add lockfile bump and release notes draft tools #10265 
  • Ignore some unit tests that are failing on some Windows platforms #10255
  • Abort plugin bump script if base version not found #10254

Logstash plugin releases:

logstash-codec-cef - 6.0.0

  • Removed obsolete `sev` and `deprecated_v1_fields` fields

logstash-filter-cipher - 4.0.0

  • Removed obsolete `iv` field

logstash-filter-http - 1.0.0

  • Minor documentation fixes

logstash-filter-memcached - 0.1.1

  • The plugin common options (e.g., `add_field`, `add_tag`, etc.) are now correctly only invoked when the plugin successfully gets one or more values from, or sets one or more values to memcached
  • Fix links to argument types in documentation

logstash-input-kafka - 9.0.0

  • Removed obsolete `ssl` option

logstash-input-tcp - 6.0.0

  • Removed obsolete `data_timeout` and `ssl_cacert` options

logstash-mixin-rabbitmq_connection - 6.0.0

  • Removed obsolete options `verify_ssl`, `debug`, `tls_certificate_path` and `tls_certificate_password`

logstash-output-kafka - 8.0.0

  • Removed obsolete `block_on_buffer_full`, `ssl` and `timeout_ms` options

logstash-output-redis - 5.0.0

  • Removed obsolete fields `queue` and `name`
  • Changed major version of redis library dependency to 4.x

logstash-output-sqs - 6.0.0

  • Removed obsolete fields `batch` and `batch_timeout`
  • Removed workaround to JRuby bug (see more here)

logstash-output-tcp - 6.0.0

  • Removed obsolete field `message_format`

Repository: elastic/logstash-docs

Changes in versioned_plugin_docs:

  • Add http filter to versioned docs #658

Changes in 6.5:

  • updated docs for 6.5 #654