Kibana 4.2 beta 2: The dark side of the moon

Kibana 4.2 is almost here. Any day now. Just around the corner. Wait for it…or don’t. Why wait? Who likes waiting? I don’t. Instant gratification awaits within. It can be yours, today. Now. Right now. Download Kibana 4.2 beta 2, and Elasticsearch 2.0 beta 2 to go with it, right now. You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today, so read on for the “deets” as the kids like to say. At least I think they say that, right?

Custom map URLs

Kibana now supports WMS map servers, and thus no longer needs internet access for tile map visualizations. That said, you’ll need to supply your own tiles if you’re going that route, but there’s also a plethora of totally open WMS servers out there.


Dark Dashboards

No one more blinding NOC screens! The dashboard now has a switch to turn out the lights! Great for status dashboards in dark rooms. I mean, not literal dark rooms, not photo negative processing friendly, but you probably know that if you’re developing film in your closet.


And more We’ve fixed lots of bugs with importing and exporting objects, scripted fields, and complex dashboard performance. And of course, there’s more to come, but don’t let that stop you from trying out Kibana 4.2 beta 2 today!

Ok, there it is! Enjoy! As always, ping us on GitHub with issues, suggestions and contributions. Or, if you love IRC like we do, join us in #kibana on Freenode. You can also find us at