Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for December 11, 2017

Welcome to Keeping up with Kibana! This is a weekly series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events.

Hi all, 

This blog is going to be a different style going forward, instead of being mostly a change log, I'm going to try to highlight some important topics in Kibana development each week. So, here we go...


A while ago we decided to move towards React as our rendering technology and away from Angular. We've also been developing a new UI design for Kibana which we refer to as K7 (who knows what the 7 means...) and if you follow along in there has been a frenzy of activity around it. This includes the creation of a set of reusable React components that we call EUI ( ) and a complete redesign of our CSS structure. 

In order to reach our goals we're going to start using EUI in Kibana and migrating our UIs to it during the 6.x series of releases. We've got a skin that closely mimics the 6.x design using the EUI components. This will allow us to continue feature development and keep back-porting sane.

This week we'll be merging EUI into Kibana and upgrading to React 16, and then cleaning up any rendering issues that come up. Our plan is to have things stable quickly.  You can read more at "EUIfying Kibana" #15282.



Earlier this year at Elastic{on} Rashid demoed ( at 1h28m ) a prototype of a new application in Kibana called Canvas. Canvas is a truly innovative presentation tool that integrates live data and analysis from Elasticsearch into info-graphic-like presentations. This week we have a technology preview of Canvas that you can download and try as well as a Canvas blog so that you can follow along with all the updates.


That's all for this week.