Elasticsearch Raises $70M in Series C from NEA

With unbelievable pride, I'd like to announce that we just closed another amazing round of financing. In this Series C round, which was led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA) with contributions from Benchmark Capital and Index Ventures, we raised $70M. NEA General Partners Scott Sandell and Harry Weller led NEA's investment in Elasticsearch. Harry will be joining our Board of Directors, and you can look forward to his thoughts on our round later today.

Over the course of three rounds of financing, Elasticsearch has raised a grand total of $104M since we started seeking capital just 18 months ago.

The last year and a half has been an amazing adventure, and quite frankly I only feel like we're just about to shift into the highest gear. With some of the highest caliber customers already on board, from Facebook to The Guardian, our products are powering some of the world's most sophisticated search and analytics engines. In addition to our most well-known use case, businesses are now commonly using our logging solution. Bloomberg uses the Elasticsearch ELK stack to centralize 1.5B log lines/day, generated across 1,000s of production machines. The ability to centralize them in one place to troubleshoot any potential issues saves their 2,000 programmers an immense amount of time and hassle.

Even better, we've built a world-class team to fuel our product development and commercial activities. We've benefited greatly from the support from our board members Rod Johnson, Peter Fenton and Mike Volpi in our search for new business and talent. The experience these guys bring to the table is invaluable to us, as we're moving quickly to respond to the immense market demand for the ELK stack.

As we'll only be expanding our efforts from here, we chose to go with an investment firm with deep open source and enterprise software experience at scale. One that could help us grow aggressively and propel our products offerings forward. Of all the top-tier Venture Capital firms out there, we believe the team at NEA stands out as the one best positioned to help us execute against our plans during this phase of extremely rapid growth. We are nothing short of humbled by the fact that after having signed up Benchmark and Index, we get to work with this third team of wonderfully talented people. Together, Benchmark, Index and NEA are some of the best investment firms and people in open source.

The company will be using the additional funds to continue to expanding our investment in our open source products, whilst also expanding our commercial presence across the globe. Elasticsearch's dual headquarters in Los Altos, California and Amsterdam, The Netherlands house about half of our global team. We have regional offices in Berlin, London and Phoenix, but they aren't the only places employees call home. We also have developers in Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Spain, Romania and states across the US. To facilitate our growth and remain close to our user base, we make our company's distributed nature work to our advantage. If you want to know more, check out this interview I did with FAST company.

Elasticsearch has always been a wonderful place to work. We offer our people - in all disciplines - the chance to work in an open and vibrant culture and learn from some of the best and brightest in our industry. With these additional funds, we're looking to continue our track record of hiring the best talent our industry has to offer. If you're interested in helping us build the world's next great software company, take a peek at our jobs page.

We're incredibly excited about what the future holds. My thanks to all of our investors, and a huge thanks to all of our employees worldwide. We wouldn't be able to share today's news without all of your hard work, passion and dedication to a simple and beautiful customer experience!