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Elasticsearch 1.4.2 and 1.3.7 Released - December 16, 2014

Today, we are happy to announce the bug fix release of  Elasticsearch 1.4.2, based on Lucene 4.10.2, and the bug fix release of Elasticsearch 1.3.7. You can download them and read the full changes list here:

For blog posts about past releases see:

You can read about all of the changes that have been made in the 1.4.2 release notes and the 1.3.7 release notes, but we highlight some of the more important changes below:

Bug fixes

We use randomized testing extensively in Elasticsearch, and it has helped us to find and fix these issues:

  • If a node holding a primary shard was restarted while a replica shard was still recovering from the primary, it could delete the transaction log on the primary, resulting in data loss. (#8917)
  • The ScriptService can deadlock entire nodes if the script index is recovering. (#8901)
  • Forcefully releasing the Index Writer lock can cause shard corruption. (#8892)

Performance improvements

Our bigger users with complex setups sometimes see performance bottlenecks which are not obvious at smaller scale. Their reports have helped us to make these improvements:

  • The disk allocation decider, which makes decisions about shard allocation based on free disk space, is now significantly faster and improves recovery speed after a cluster restart. (#8803)
  • Snapshots made to a shared file system are much faster than before. (#8749)
  • Unnecessary cluster state updates have been reduced, which reduces network traffic and speeds up recovery. (#8933, #8413)
  • The index stats API shouldn't be blocked by shard recovery. (#8910)

Try it out

Please download Elasticsearch 1.4.2, try it out, and let us know what you think on Twitter (@elasticsearch). You can report any problems on the GitHub issues page.