Elastic wins Tencent Cloud 2023 Partner of the Year Award


Recently, the 2024 Tencent Industry Partner Conference with the theme of "Soaring into the Clouds and Chasing the Waves, Wisdom Across Thousands of Miles" was held in Sanya, Hainan. Many industry leaders and nearly a thousand partners gathered together to discuss and look forward to new trends in the development of the industrial ecosystem and opportunities.


As an important ecological partner of Tencent Cloud in the field of big data search and analysis, Elastic® was invited to attend and won the Tencent Cloud 2023 Partner of the Year Award.


Elastic and Tencent Cloud have established a strategic partnership since 2019. Both parties are in products, technology, and ecology and carried out in-depth cooperation in multiple dimensions.

Tencent Cloud Elasticsearch, tailored for Chinese users

At the product level, Tencent Cloud Elasticsearch® Services is a cloud-based fully managed ELK Stack service product tailor-made for Chinese customers. It is the preferred solution for Chinese customers in search and logging scenarios. It integrates X-Pack and has a high-performance self-developed core, one-stop data access and index management, intelligent inspection, one-click upgrade, and other advantages, and it can efficiently help customers build massive data retrieval and analysis services. Currently, it also supports the Serverless mode, which enables pay-as-you-go, automatic elasticity, and complete operation and maintenance-free operation, which greatly improves customers' cloud search experience.

At the same time, with the help of Elastic's innovation and development of solutions, multiple solutions provided by Tencent Cloud Elasticsearch Services have also achieved remarkable achievements in different fields. Elastic has always been known as the leader in search. Today, we are enabling businesses to harness search-powered AI to unlock massive amounts of data in real time. Our search analytics platform empowers developers and enterprise users to find the accurate, insightful, and relevant answers that matter — in real time, at scale — to drive better business outcomes. This strategic partnership ensures that both Tencent Cloud and Elastic can provide customers with a comprehensive, efficient, and deeply integrated service system at the product level.

Complementary technical advantages, focusing on search and logging fields

At a technical level, Tencent Cloud and Elastic have complementary advantages and have achieved in-depth cooperation in the fields of search, log processing, and analysis. As the world's leading search analytics company, Elastic combines search with AI based on enterprise data to provide fast and efficient large model fusion solutions, covering generating text embeddings, performing vector searches and user behavior analysis, and improving search relevance optimization. In other aspects, we help customers solve technical and implementation problems at the software level.

In the field of log processing and analysis, Tencent Cloud Elasticsearch uses its strong technical research and development capabilities to carry out in-depth optimization at the kernel level. This self-developed Elasticsearch engine provides users with a solution with low storage costs and high write query performance, effectively solving users' basic problems in log storage and analysis. Elastic continues to work hard in upper-layer applications, launching TSDB specifically for time series data and bringing a new ES|QL query and analysis engine. This engine supports pipeline analysis, lookup, join, and vectorized operations such as SIMD, which greatly improves the efficiency and flexibility of data processing.

Tencent Cloud provides customers with an efficient cloud computing environment at the platform level, tailors efficient computing resources suitable for semantic search and machine learning operations, and provides a variety of embedding models and NLP inference models. All resources are plug-and-play and pay-as-you-go, helping users solve basic environment construction and management problems for vector search and NLP inference execution.

Open community ecology prospers and helps users' digital transformation

At the ecological level, Elastic combines its strong open community and technological innovation advantages with Tencent Cloud's strong market influence and comprehensive product services. Elastic relies on its large community user base to continue to promote technological progress and community sharing in China. Tencent Cloud, with its leading position in the Chinese market and in-depth understanding of developers and enterprise users, provides strong support for the application of Elastic's search technology on the cloud. At the same time, Tencent Cloud also actively contributes self-developed technologies to the Elastic global community. It has long been among the top companies in the world in contributing, and several contributors have entered the Top 100 community contribution list.

This cooperation not only helps users accelerate digital transformation through big data search but also provides them with an efficient and reliable cloud service ecosystem. Elastic's innovation capabilities combined with Tencent Cloud's service depth have jointly enhanced market competitiveness and brand influence and have continued to promote the ongoing prosperity of both parties' ecosystems and the rapid development of cloud search business.

In the future, Elastic and Tencent Cloud will continue to deepen multi-dimensional cooperation in products, technology, ecology, and other aspects, jointly cultivate China's big data search market, provide customers with a variety of products and solutions with search as the core, allowing customers to conveniently use Elastic in the cloud, and enjoy cloud value-added services such as out-of-box use, one-click hosting, and professional operation and maintenance. These services help customers improve search efficiency, reduce costs, and fully unleash the business potential of cloud search!

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