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Learn more about what's possible when technology leaders put their data to work.


How to make progress on managing unstructured data

A conversation between guest Forrester Consulting and Elastic explores how applying search-powered technology to unify, visualize, and scale data can enable organizations to be more insights-driven.


The future of cyber threat prevention lies in open security

Open security — a methodology that shifts the dynamic of a security company’s relationship with its customer — has the potential to transform the cybersecurity industry by bringing security practitioners together to create a more resilient response.


Why I consolidated my IT and cybersecurity operations in the cloud

Taming the complexity of application growth to drive efficiency and manage uncertainty in a difficult economic climate.


When to scale from free software to cloud services

When organizations hit the wall of scalability and support, cloud services are the logical next step.


How IT leaders are turning data into actionable insights using search technology [Infographic]

Discover how IT leaders are using search technology to turn unstructured data into insights that improve the customer experience, increase operational resilience, and mitigate security threats.


How moving to the cloud leads to a better customer experience

Want to increase loyalty and retention? Move your customer data to the cloud.


Top 3 SIEM challenges in multi-cloud environments

To be effective, a SIEM needs to provide compatibility with your current environment — including your cloud infrastructure and applications — as well as support future expansion.


What do telecom security teams need from a SIEM?

In the past couple of years, two things stood out for the telecom industry: 5G and cloud adoption. Put together, there is a need for a completely revamped approach to security. And the journey begins with a “modern” SIEM.


Customer trust relies on building IT systems that scale

Solving for scale is the key to ensuring your IT organization delivers on its promise to secure and protect data