Fog Creek Selects Elasticsearch to Search and Analyze Terabytes of Data

Real-time Search and Analytics Engine Provides Instant Search Capabilities Across 40 Billion Lines of Code
2 April 2013
Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 2 April 2013 -

Elasticsearch, the company behind the popular real-time search and analytics open source project, today announced that Fog Creek has selected Elasticsearch to provide instant search capabilities within Kiln, its software development product. Kiln is designed to support and simplify development workflow for users searching more than 100,000 source code repositories. Elasticsearch is now a critical ingredient of Kiln, providing instant search for 300,000,000 requests across 40 billion lines of code to improve overall performance, reliability and user experience.

The Fog Creek Search Challenge

  • Low Performance: Prior to selecting Elasticsearch, queries on Fog Creek's existing platforms were taking up to 30 seconds, leaving Kiln virtually unusable for many developers.
  • Limited Scalability: Fog Creek needed to implement a real-time search platform that could scale to terabytes of information. The team found that other source code search platforms in combination with SQL servers were simply not capable of handling such high volumes of data.

Benefits of Fog Creek using Elasticsearch

  • Quick Implementation: After initial production tests with Elasticsearch went flawlessly, Fog Creek migrated all of its data to Elasticsearch, which greatly accelerated the implementation and configuration of Kiln's features and functionality.
  • Instant Search: Elasticsearch's search capabilities allow Fog Creek's Kiln users to easily index more than ten billion lines of code in milliseconds, enabling real-time results so users can search as fast as they can type.
  • Scale Easily: As Kiln users grow the volume of their data, Elasticsearch routinely spins up new nodes so it can easily scale to three terabytes of data.

Supporting Quotes

Fog Creek

"We asked ourselves—how should we do search in today's world? How can we use search to make Kiln a better product? That's when we chose Elasticsearch. We've been able to create our own instant search for our users. Kiln searches as fast as our users can type…or as fast as they can think. That's made search a hallmark of the Kiln experience." — Kevin Gessner, Kiln team lead at Fog Creek Software


"Real-time search and analytics have become a critical component within applications in a wide range of markets—from software development to social networking—and we are excited that Fog Creek selected Elasticsearch to dramatically raise the bar of their customer's experience. While not every company needs massive scale today to support their search, we make it easy and cost effective for them to plan for it from day one."— Shay Banon, CTO and Creator of Elasticsearch

About Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is on a mission to organize data and make it easily accessible. We deliver the world's the most advanced open source search and analytics engine available and make real-time data exploration available to anyone. By having a laser focus on achieving the best user experience imaginable, Elasticsearch has become one of the most popular and rapidly growing open source solutions in the market. Today, Elasticsearch is used by thousands of enterprises in virtually every industry. We take good care of our customers and users, providing production support, development support and training worldwide. To learn more, visit