Elasticsearch Selling Out Training Classes Worldwide; Announces 2013 Training Schedule

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12 December 2012

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 12 December 2012 -

Elasticsearch, a leader in big data search and analytics, today announced its 2013 training programs aimed to help developers use Elasticsearch to solve the most complex big data challenges. Training programs for the first quarter of the year are being held across Europe and the United States and will cover a broad range of advanced topics. The December 2012 training courses offered in Seattle and Chicago have been sold out for weeks.

Elasticsearch is open source search and analytics software that has emerged as one of the most popular open source projects in the big data market and is already being used by thousands of companies all over the world. The Elasticsearch training course provides a solid foundation in search and information retrieval, starting with basic fundamental Elasticsearch concepts, best-practices, key features and distributed search application development. The sessions are interactive with time built in for discussions and case-study presentations.

Training programs cover topics including:

  • Introduction – Terminology, basic concepts, setting up and basic operations
  • Distributed Model – Elasticsearch cluster, shards and replicas, configuration, APIs and local gateway
  • Multi Tenancy – Multiple indices, index aliases, cross index operations and introduction to data flow
  • Elasticsearch Index – Analysis, mappings, index operations, versioning, APIs and settings
  • Search – Query DSL, sorting, facets, search types, highlighting, routing and other search components
  • Advanced Search/Mappings – Nested documents, parent/child relationships, geo-location search, query percolation, relevancy and more
  • Advanced Distributed Model – Cluster state recovery, low level replication, low level recovery and shard allocation
  • Big Data Design Pattern – Multiple indices, shard over-allocation, routing and aliases and how to approach data architecture
  • Preparing for Production – Performance tuning, more on data flow and memory allocation
  • Running in Production – Monitoring, alerts, info/stats APIs

What: Core Elasticsearch Training Courses

By: Course trainers are Elasticsearch developers

For: Anyone using Elasticsearch


Stockholm January 7-8, 2013
Paris January 14-15, 2013
San Francisco January 24-25, 2013
Boston January 28-29, 2013
Berlin February 14-15, 2013
London February 18-19, 2013
Amsterdam March 4-5, 2013
Seattle March 7-8, 2013
Atlanta March 11-12, 2013

Registration: Early bird discounts are available now. For more information and to register, please visit:

Group Rates: Elasticsearch offers a "Buy Three, Get One Free" discount to groups who attend training. For more information, contact

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