Elasticsearch Platform Recommended as “Adopt” by ThoughtWorks in its Latest Technology Radar Report

Global Technology Consultancy Highlights Elasticsearch as a Data Exploration Platform
12 June 2013
Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 12 June 2013 -

Elasticsearch, the company behind the popular real-time search and analytics open source project, was highlighted by ThoughtWorks, the global technology consultancy, as a leading go-to search platform in its bi-annual Technology Radar report. Read by thousands of technology leaders, this inclusion is validation of Elasticsearch, which has more than 2.5 million downloads to date. Companies around the world are using Elasticsearch to explore and understand large sets of data easier and more cost effectively than with other solutions.

The ThoughtWorks Technology Radar report provides insight and recommendations into the cutting-edge techniques, tools, languages and platforms that are driving next-generation software development. It is created by ThoughtWorks's Technical Advisory Board (TAB), which brings together thought leadership and insights from client engagements around the world and IT communities to review and assess trends in technology.

The 2013 Technology Radar report recognized Elasticsearch across a number of criteria including:

  • Ease of Use: The Elasticsearch platform is an extensible, multi-tenanted, and horizontally scalable search solution. It allows complex data structures to be indexed and retrieved quickly and simply.
  • Ease of Operation: The platform provides an elegant model for operation with automatic discovery of peers in a cluster, failover, and replication. Elasticsearch can be extended with a plugin system from which new functionality can easily be added.
  • Credible Community: The users surrounding the Elasticsearch open source tool are quite vibrant as illustrated by the number of client libraries available in languages like Java, C#, Ruby, and JavaScript.


"We are honored to have Elasticsearch recognized by ThoughtWorks as a critical component within both their 'ThoughtWorkers' and their clients' applications. Our vision with Elasticsearch is to make data exploration simple at any scale, and we are excited that ThoughtWorks discovered Elasticsearch for exploring, analyzing and making smart decisions based on their data."
— Shay Banon, CTO, Co-Founder and Creator of Elasticsearch


"ThoughtWorks is always on the lookout at how we can use disruptive technologies to address our clients toughest challenges and Elasticsearch is one of those technologies. It allows companies to search and analyze data faster, easier, and with less headache than we've seen before."
— Srihari Srinivasan, Head of Technology, ThoughtWorks India


Report: Technology Radar 2013

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