Elasticsearch Hires VMware Veteran Justin Hoffman as Vice President of Sales

16 April 2013
Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 16 April 2013 -

Elasticsearch, the company behind the popular real-time search and analytics open source project, today announced the appointment of Justin Hoffman as vice president of sales. With more than a decade of sales and field operations leadership experience, Hoffman will play a critical role in building a world-class sales organization to bring real-time search and analytics solutions and support to organizations that are making Elasticsearch an integral part of their mission-critical applications. Hoffman will join the company to grow Elasticsearch’s international sales operation to drive revenue growth and establish strategic enterprise relationships for Elasticsearch.

Hoffman brings a broad range of experience and proven results to Elasticsearch. Previously, he was global vice president of applications at VMware, where he executed key sales initiatives, built and managed a large global team, and consistently exceeded revenue and customer satisfaction objectives. Hoffman will be located in the company's San Francisco Bay Area office.

"Justin has an incredibly strong understanding of building and managing high performance sales teams and programs," said Steven Schuurman, CEO of Elasticsearch. "He excels at maintaining a laser focus on achieving results whilst being a fair and supportive leader to his team members, which fits our culture remarkably well," Schuurman continued, "In the last six months, we have seen overwhelming demand for Elasticsearch in companies all over the world, across virtually all market verticals. Where there's data, there's Elasticsearch, and we couldn't have asked for a better leader to help us satisfy the explosive demand for Elasticsearch support subscriptions and training."

"It is rare that you get a chance to join a brilliant team that has delivered a great product that taps into a real need in the market," said Hoffman. "With more than 2 million downloads, Elasticsearch has cracked the code on delivering easy-to-use and scalable search and analytics, and I am excited to help make it the de facto enterprise standard for extracting meaning from big data."

Elasticsearch recently secured $24 million in Series B funding from Index Ventures, Benchmark Capital and an SV Angel – only four months after the company secured $10 million in Series A funding.

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