Elastic makes App Search available as a self-managed download

Developers can now easily add a powerful search experience to any application quickly, with the flexibility to deploy it either on premises or in the cloud.
25 June 2019

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Deborah Wiltshire

Elastic Corporate Communications

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands - 25 June 2019 -

Elastic N.V. (NYSE: ESTC) (“Elastic”), the company behind Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack, is very excited to announce that Elastic App Search is now generally available as a downloadable, self-managed search solution. Empowered with valuable feedback from the community over the last few months’ beta program, the team has worked hard to bring the simplicity and power of the Elastic App Search Service to any infrastructure. It’s now available to download and deploy at scale, alongside the default distribution of Elastic Stack 7.2 (or later), anywhere.

While Elastic App Search has been around for over a year as a cloud-based solution, this release represents an important milestone. It highlights our commitment to offer the greatest flexibility in how and where developers deploy next-generation search experiences. Whether it be an online store, a geolocal directory, a vast music collection, or a SaaS application, Elastic App Search is the quickest way to build fluid and engaging search experiences.

As part of this release, you’ll find the same great features and tools you’ve come to expect from the application search solution already being offered as a service, in a downloadable form:

  • Simple and focused data ingestion: schemaless indexing, language-specific text analysis for 13 different languages, and pre-configured algorithms translate into shorter timelines to bring your search experience to market
  • Powerful search APIs and UI frameworks: quickly embed typo-tolerant search in existing or new interfaces, with advanced filtering and display configurations at your disposal
  • Insightful analytics: track queries and engagement, and take action immediately from the purpose-built search management dashboard
  • Intuitive relevance controls: Curations, synonyms and relevance tuning make perfecting the ultimate relevance for your search experience a breeze for technical and non-technical users alike

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Keeping the simple simple — and free

It is no secret that Elasticsearch is a powerhouse for search use cases of all kinds. That said, with great power comes great configurability. Our team worked relentlessly to channel the limitless potential of Elasticsearch into a streamlined package, purpose-built for application search use cases.

In other words, you can now bring the relevance, scale, and speed of Elasticsearch to any application you’re building — be it a marketplace, a customer community, a consumer app, an internal tool, or a brand new piece of software — with minimal effort, development, or even expertise in how to build compelling end-user search experiences.

Best of all, Elastic App Search is free to use alongside the default distribution of the Elastic Stack.

Introducing new user management features

We believe that security is a key component in deploying technology at scale. Elasticsearch 7.1 recently made security features available as part of the default distribution of the Elastic Stack. With that same motivation in mind, Elastic App Search offers the flexibility of mapping permissions to existing users with easy-to-use, role-based access controls, or using the built-in user management, all for free as part of the standard distribution.

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Get started today

There’s never been a better time to try Elastic App Search. You can get started today with a free trial of the Elastic App Search Service, or download and run locally. We cannot wait to see all the fascinating experiences you build using Elastic App Search!

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