Geospatial Applications with Elasticsearch

Join Elastic developer Nicholas Knize to get an introduction to Elasticsearch’s geospatial capabilities. He will give you a whirlwind tour of how to use Elasticsearch to make the most of your geo data and do things like:

  • Indexing considerations for optimizing geo-point and geo-shape based search
  • Geo-aggregations and bucket reducers for spatial visualization and analytics
  • Time-based indexing, aliasing, and percolation for complex space-time querying

But how does Elasticsearch compare to traditional solutions for geospatial search? John Boere, CEO of Cliffhanger Solutions Inc., will share his geospatial search story, giving you insight into their setup, lessons learned, and why they chose to use Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana to help utility companies manage electricity flowing through the power grid — keeping the lights on, literally.

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John Boere

With over 20 years of software and electrical engineering experience, John is widely seen as an industry expert. He is CEO at Cliffhanger Solutions, a technology company aimed at helping utilities around the world. Over the years John has worked at dozens of clients in 8 countries.

Clients include Emera Maine, Salt River Project, Tucson Electric Power, German Telecom (parent of T-Mobile) and Elmar - a power utility in the Caribbean. John lives in Chandler, AZ with his wife and 3 sons (3, 6 and 10).