This Paper Has Been Plagiarized: How Blackboard Curbs Cheating with Elasticsearch

Blackboard leverages Elasticsearch to power SafeAssign, its plagiarism detection software. In this talk, Slavomir will walk through some aspects of the service, show how their internal web search engine was born, as well as walk through Blackboard’s journey from a small scale Solr deployment to a multi-terabyte, full-text search engine powered by Elasticsearch. Attendees will also learn from Blackboard’s experiences, challenges, solutions, and best practices from running their infrastructure on AWS.

Slavomir Tecl

Slavomir "Slavek" Tecl is a Development Manager at Blackboard working on the SafeAssign product that helps schools and universities prevent plagiarism. Searching and search engines have always played significant role in his professional career. He has multiple years of experience with FAST, Lucene, Solr, and Elasticsearch engines.