Delete APIedit

The delete API allows one to delete a typed JSON document from a specific index based on its id. The following example deletes the JSON document from an index called twitter, under a type called tweet, with id valued 1:

DeleteResponse response = client.prepareDelete("twitter", "tweet", "1").get();

For more information on the delete operation, check out the delete API docs.

Operation Threadingedit

The delete API allows to set the threading model the operation will be performed when the actual execution of the API is performed on the same node (the API is executed on a shard that is allocated on the same server).

The options are to execute the operation on a different thread, or to execute it on the calling thread (note that the API is still async). By default, operationThreaded is set to true which means the operation is executed on a different thread. Here is an example that sets it to false:

DeleteResponse response = client.prepareDelete("twitter", "tweet", "1")