Elasticsearch 2.0 Overview & Demo

Recent release: 5.0 is here–Overview Video.

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Elasticsearch Creator and Elastic Co-Founder Shay Banon's blog post to hear the full story on 2.0.

Get an overview of all the enhancements and a demo in this video with Shane Connelly, Sr Product Manager of Elasticsearch. He covers Elasticsearch 2.0 highlights, including: 

  • Better resource utilization: reduced memory usage, improved index compression
  • Improved query execution and caching
  • Hardening: localhost binding, Java security manager, atomic and checksummed file handling
  • Pipeline aggregations for anomaly detection, derivatives, time-series predictions, and much more

Then, Zach Tong, Elastic developer and co-author of The Elasticsearch Definitive Guide, gives a demo of using pipeline aggregations.

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Zachary Tong

Officially trained as a molecular neurobiologist, Zachary has thrown off the shackles of pipettes and petri dishes to return to his original passion: building software. Zach is a developer for Elasticsearch, fondly remembers v0.18, and co-authored Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide.