Elastic Search 8.10: Powerful personalized search powered by a comprehensive connector catalog


Elastic Search 8.10 brings programmatic personalization of your search experiences to a new level while expanding the open code integration catalog with a knowledge base for customer support and communication systems connectors. 

These new features allow customers to:

  • Customize search results using tailored query rules for pinning results
  • Update synonyms faster with programmatic access
  • Easily integrate with new workplace and communication data sources

Elastic Search 8.10 is available now on Elastic Cloud — the only hosted Elasticsearch® offering to include all of the new features in this latest release. You can also download the Elastic Stack and our cloud orchestration products, Elastic Cloud Enterprise and Elastic Cloud for Kubernetes, for a self-managed experience.

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New tools for search personalization

In 8.10, we are excited to make personalization more powerful than ever with query rules for any search experience. Searching with query rules gives more control over results, by promoting documents that match defined criteria at the top of the result list. Any contextual information can be sent as metadata and be provided as part of the rule_query as an object. 

There are several use-cases where pinning relevant or time-sensitive information may be important to the search experience. Examples include running campaigns to advertise a newly released product or promoting offers when users are searching for a certain product category. Pinning search results is easier than ever by using any available contextual information, from geolocation to demographic information (age, gender, etc.), and tailor query rules.

Query rules API is available as a technical preview for Platinum+ users.

Synonyms API to easily create and manage synonyms

Searching with synonyms to improve your search experience is now optimized to one simple API call. The new synonyms API replaces the multi-step process to add synonym files and makes it possible to make programmatic updates to synonyms, replacing the earlier file-based process. There’s no need to manage synonym files, no interruption to service when updating synonyms, and easy management of synonym sets. This sets you up for success with faster updates while reducing the potential for errors during updates.

The Synonyms API is available in Beta, and we look forward to your feedback.

Expanded connector catalog for knowledge and communication systems

Our ever-growing connector catalog now supports integrations to a larger number of knowledge and communication systems. Users can ingest directly into Elasticsearch and enhance their unified search experiences for workplace search use cases by using Elasticsearch native features on data from additional data sources.

The new Google Drive connector client includes document level security support, along with new integrations for Salesforce, OneDrive, and GitHub. Connector clients for communication systems such as Gmail and Slack provide integration paths for even more sources of proprietary data that can be used as a prompt to large language models (LLMs). 

Existing Jira and Confluence connectors are enhanced with document level security support, and they are generally available in 8.10 for Platinum+, along with the Network Drive connector. At the same time, our Elastic hosted catalog is expanded to include Dropbox and ServiceNow!

Check out the complete list of available native connectors and connector clients.

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Read about these capabilities and more in the Elastic Search release notes.

Existing Elastic Cloud customers can access many of these features directly from the Elastic Cloud console. Not leveraging Elastic on cloud? Start a free trial.

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