Product release

Elastic Cloud Enterprise 2.1.0 Released

Today we are proud to unveil the second release in the 2.X series of Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) - ECE 2.1. This release doubles down on the flexible deployment configurations introduced within the 2.X series and puts even more power in your team’s hands with the following features:

    • Ability to deploy and manage Elastic APM Server as part of your deployment templates
    • Securely search across multiple deployments with Cross Cluster Search
    • More security for your deployments with Traffic Management and Keystore support
    • Support for additional operating systems with SLES 12

    Elastic APM Server for all your deployments

    Today, our customers and the community use Elastic APM to get rich insights into application performance, and bring visibility into their distributed workloads across a number of supported languages. ECE 2.1 now makes the journey of adding APM insights even easier by allowing you to manage Elastic APM Server as part of any deployment of version 6.3 and higher (including the latest Elastic APM 6.6 version).

    This new management, paired with ECE’s powerful ability to create hot-warm architecture with automated index curation, means it’s now super easy to centralize your APM, logs and metrics data within ECE 2.1.

    Search across multiple deployments with Cross Cluster Search (CCS)

    Having a single, large deployment for a large team encompassing several use cases can be problematic as there may be differences in team SLA’s, upgrade cycles, security requirements, and backup needs. These challenges are also heightened by an inability to understand fair resource usage for multi-use cases in a single cluster. The solution - split this monolithic deployment into smaller, more manageable deployments that you can independently scale, manage, and monitor with ECE.

    With Cross Cluster Search in ECE you no longer have to worry about losing visibility across multiple deployments, and can now designate a single deployment in an ECE environment to use Cross Cluster Search on top of multiple other deployments.

    More security for your deployments with Traffic Management and Keystore support

    Every deployment inside Elastic Cloud Enterprise already comes with important security features such as node to node encryption, RBAC, field level security, and integration with LDAP/AD/SAML. With ECE 2.1, we’ve added Traffic Management capabilities to each deployment, allowing you to specify trusted IP addresses that can access your deployments. Traffic Management also comes with viewable, enhanced auditing available when deployment access is blocked from non trusted IPs.


    In addition to Traffic Management, ECE 2.1 also includes Elasticsearch Keystore support that gives you more flexibility when specifying sensitive settings.

    Support for SLES 12

    As customers continue to offer Elasticsearch as a Service with ECE, a common request has been to support SLES. We are happy to report that SLES 12 is now officially supported with ECE 2.1. A full list of supported operating systems can be found on our support matrix.

    There are more features to check out in ECE 2.1 so be sure to check out the release notes, and if you want to try it out yourself, get started by downloading a 30-day free trial.